Jeff Rasley

Fuerteventura Weather

Fuerteventura's weather is not quite constant throughout the year but it can be simply summed up as sunny - and windy.

The summers are dry, sunny - and windy. It's the N/NE wind that keeps us cool, prevents us drying out like our Saharan neighbours and is a gift for windsurfers, surfers, kitefurfers and sunbathers.

In the winter we do sometimes have grey days and at rare times even thunderous downpours. If you are coming in the winter we'd recommend you bring a waterproof, jumper and shoes. That being said, you should still be able to sunbathe and be confident of going home with a tan.

Check the current weather conditions and forecasts below. They include cloud cover, temperature, wind direction and wind speed, humidity levels, visibility and current moon phase.

The Fuerteventura weather report information on this page is compiled from data supplied by at the and is regularly updated .