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Fuerteventura - Surfers paradise


As with windsurfing and kitesurfing, Fuerteventura is now a Mecca for surfers especially during the Autumn/winter months with the advent of the large Atlantic swells.

The Surf on Fuerteventura

The most consistent surf is found on the north/NW coast with many spots 'unridden'. There are waves to suit most standards of surfers but also some absolute gems for the more adventurous.

The surf is pretty much divided into two main seasons - Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer - much along the lines of the rest of Northern Europe.

There are perfect breaks to suit all abilities and some top class surf schools for the total beginner.


Swells come out of the Atlantic hitting the West and North coast with regularity. Occassionally large swells can wrap around to the island's North East and South coasts.

Your biggest consideration at these times will be swell size, wind directions and the size of your balls.

As the swell wraps around the North, wave height diminishes slightly. So if El Hierro is maxed then there will be surfable waves at other spots further East such as El Muelle (The Harbour) or even Punta Elena (Rocky Point).When everything is maxed head to Flag Beach at mid to high or El Burro (Glass Beach) where occasionally the point can be small but fun.




Traditionally the Sailing season, has now seeing the explosion of Kite Surfing.

The Atlantic swells are often affected by a dominant high pressure system with a low over the African mainland heralding the North Easterly Tradewinds.

This season's surfing is not nearly as consistent as Autumn/Winter but there are still fun waves to be had predominantly on the East coast and at times the Cotillo region.

Best for surfers who want a quick, warm, easy destination. Water Temperature can reach 22 degrees Centigrade.


Surfing in Fuerteventura
Image by Jeremy Bishop

Stand up paddle boarding began in the 1960s in Hawaii, where people used boards for crossing islands and surf training aids. 'SUP' has now become one of the fastest growing watersports mainly due to the ease of learning, allowing a wider range of people to get involved.
One of the best advantages of the is that you can still get out on a board without waves on a calm day when the water is flat. Simply gliding along the surface enjoying the view above (and below) is great fun! From flat water to wave riding, learn quickly and enjoy every minute of this great sport.

Stand Up Paddle