Tourism employers support the differentiation of migrant and community outbreaks.

The presidents of the Canary Islands tourism associations, support the decision of the Minister of Health of the Canary Islands Government Blas Trujillo to meet with those responsible in the Ministry of Health, to analyse the migration situation related to COVID-19.

Blas Trujillo

They will discuss the way in which the Canary Islands reports official statistics on infections, distinguishing cases related to the community population and those related to the migrant population.

For tourist employers, the way in which this information is currently reported "greatly damages the image of the Canary Islands as a safe destination".

Despite the increase in the arrival of boats and the cases detected among migrants (with 47 positive diagnoses among the 61 members of the last boat that arrived in Fuerteventura and 9 in Lanzarote) the actual situation is stable and "fully controlled" and the migrants are completely isolated" say the members of the tourism sector.

They insist that "this is very problematic that the current data creates a picture of the islands that does not correspond to reality".

The tourist employers also demand greater control and a swift solution to the migratory situation.

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