The Canary Islands to test for coronavirus for all tourists

The Canary Islands will carry out a coronavirus detection test on tourists who travel to the islands if countries of origin do not carry out these controls. The regional government has said it will continue to strengthen the surveillance of possible imported contagions beyond July 1st

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres explained that a serological test "that costs 20 euros" should be carried out before boarding a plane, "If it is not possible that the test is made at origin, it will be done at destination," he said.

Brussels announced this Thursday the gradual lifting of the closure of European border restrictions starting from next Monday - a de-escalation stage that will conclude on July 1st with the opening of external borders. From then the European authorities have said they will not be obliged to carry out controls.

However, Torres explained after a meeting with the rest of the autonomous leaders, that he considers that "the best option would be to reactivate tourism without any risk and to continue applying controls".

Ángel Víctor Torres
Ángel Víctor Torres

The Canarian president acknowledged that the decision "does not only depend on the Government of Spain", although he specified that the controls will be carried out on "all travellers", and not only on tourists. The objective is "not to go backwards" with outbreaks derived from imported infections.

International tourism Balearics July 1st

The Spanish Government announced this week a pilot plan to return international activity to the Balearic tourism sector. The project will bring 10,000 German tourists from safe destinations where there are no Covid-19 infections.

Questioned about the return of international tourism in the Canary Islands, Mr. Torres has assured that, although the date for the reopening of borders with Spain is still being discussed, the date set so far is still July 1st


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