Phase 1 of de-escalation starts on Monday 11th May - What can we can and can't do..

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the director of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Sanitary Emergencies, Fernando Simón, have confirmed that the Canary Islands will begin Phase 1 of de-escalation on Monday, May 11th May. There are many questions being asked about what we can and can't do during phase 1. More details will be given over the weekend, but here's a few answers to common questions to help you out:

Will I be able to see my loved ones? Yes, unless they have tested positive for coronavirus or are in isolation. You will not be able to visit elderly people or those who belong to a risk group, as they are more vulnerable to covid-19. Visits to people living in nursing homes will not be resumed until the last phase and it remains to be decided under what conditions. How many people can move in the same car? The inhabitants of the same home can share a car of up to nine seats. Will I be able to move around other municipalities in the province? If an entire province goes to phase 1, people can move freely through that province, without restrictions. Will it be possible to leave the province? No, in this phase the limit remains within the province. How many people will be able to gather? Meetings of up to ten people are allowed. They will have to maintain a safety distance of two metres and respect the hygiene regulations for hand washing and respiratory etiquette, that is, the regulations that recommend coughing into the elbow etc. Above all, it is necessary to avoid large crowds. Where can these meetings be held? In principle, both at home and on the street, always keeping the basic rules of safety and physical distance. Will I be able to sit on a terrace for a drink? Yes, as long as there is room, because only 50% of the tables on the terraces can be occupied. There will have to be a minimum distance of two meters between the tables and any groups cannot exceed ten people. In addition, the tables will have to be disinfected between one client and another. Menus for communal use and napkin holders cannot be used. What changes will affect the shops? Only shops of less than 400 square meters will be able to open, as in phase 0, but prior appointment and individual attention will no longer be necessary. The stores will allow customers to enter up to a maximum of 30% of their capacity. It will be necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters and a schedule of preferential attention for the elderly must be established. In addition, merchants will have to disinfect their premises twice a day. Will I be able to go to a concert? In this phase, the option of holding cultural shows of less than 30 people in closed spaces is allowed as long as the capacity does not exceed one third of the total room. In addition, you can go to outdoor shows for 200 people whenever it is possible to maintain safe distances. Will the outdoor markets be restarted? Yes, the activity of open-air markets on public roads will return, although with restrictions regarding the distance between stalls and the delimitation of the street market for proper control of capacity by the security forces. The number of regular positions is limited to 25% and the maximum allowed influx will be one third of the capacity. Will shopping centres or stores over 400 square meters open? No, it is not allowed to open in phase 1, only small business activity is allowed. What about hotels? Both hotels and tourist accommodation can reopen as long as the common areas, such as the dining room or living rooms, are not used. Will swimming in pools be allowed? No, this is not covered in this phase. Can we go to the beaches? That depends on the municipalities. In subsequent phases, the conditions for using these spaces with physical distance will be studied. Will the gyms etc open their doors? Yes, only if the sports facilities are outdoors and the activities do not involve physical contact (such as tennis or athletics), they may open in phase 1. Also at that time, individual sports activities may be carried out by appointment in sports centres that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms. However, the use of facilities whose space is closed will have to be postponed to phase 2 and only when the sport is done without an audience and does not require physical contact. Time slots remain, but the communities will be able to adapt them to their climatic situation. Pending possible modification here on Fuerteventura, for now it is established that those over 14 years of age and those under 70 can play sports and walk/run from 6.00 to 10.00 and from 20.00 to 23.00. Dependent people (accompanied by a caregiver) and those over 70 years old can go out from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 19.00 to 20.00, while children can play in the street (with their own toys) accompanied by a single parent from 12.00 to 19.00 What other activities can be resumed? The agri-food and fishing activity can be carried out again, always complying with all security measures


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