New Video promoting Fuerteventura as "safe tourist destination for the summer"

The council of Fuerteventura has launched a promotional video aimed at inter-island and national tourism

In order to start kick start the local tourist economy and "increase tourism with the first hotel openings in the months of June and July” the 'Cabildo' of Fuerteventura has released a promotional video of the Island as a "safe tourist destination for the summer",

With the slogan 'Abierto por vacaciones' - 'Open for holidays', the video is released to encourage inter-island and national tourism

The video features Fuerteventura's amazing beaches and various interesting places to visit. Three of the beaches on Fuerteventura were recently chosen by the National Geographic publication in their list of 'Sixteen film beaches in Spain', a promotion that has highlighted the beaches of Fuerteventura as unbeatable for the filming of movies.

The president of the council, Blas Acosta stated, "it is necessary to reactivate the economic activity of the island as soon as possible, while always coordinating health security with local and mainland administrations. This security aimed at both the Majorera population and future tourists."

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