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Caleta Map - Printable Version
Fuerteventura pagetop

Caleta Interactive Printable Map

This Caleta Map was painstakingly created before the advent of the excellent and ever-improving Google Maps. We will not be updating this map - but an advantage it has over the Google Maps is its printability - you can zoom in and print detailed areas.

To find Caleta Advertisers or find more information about Caleta use the new customised Caleta Google Map & Info page

To print - rightclick on the map and select 'Print'

For more detailed maps you can choose between our customised Google Maps or our Flash Maps (see the links on the left).

For Driving Directions or to find a Town or Street use the Fuerteventura Driving Directions, Street & Townfinder Map

For optimum useage please maximise your browser and refresh.

Fuerteventura Map




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