For the few that find life on Fuerteventura too hectic there is a refuge - Lobos.

Just a short boat ride away from Corralejo you'll find the Nature Reserve of Lobos almost church like in its peace and tranquillity. You'll have the wonderful view back to Fuerteventura and the chance to spot plants and birds not to be found anywhere else on the planet.

Above all, an experience of serenity and privilege awaits those that make the little effort required.

There are some small boats that do got to Lobos. They usually have one of the kiosks alongside the pedestrian zone of the Marina.

In days gone by Lobos was home to dense populations of seals - 'lobos del mar' (Sea Wolves) hence the island's name.


Remember that Lobos is a Protected Nature Zone and that you can contribute to its conservation by following the rules and information below:


Permitted Activities Cycle only in the General and Moderate Zones.

  • Walk only on the paths.

  • Prohibited Activities

  • Disembarking onto the island by any point other than El Puertito (The Little Port).

  • Introducing domestic animals dogs, cats etc).

  • Walking off the paths

  • Making fires beyond the General Use Zones

  • Making noise that will disturb the tranquil ambience

  • Hunting

  • Littering, leaving or burying waste, rubbish or debris

  • Altering, destroying or removing materials or objects belonging to the island like biological material

  • In general any activity that affects the nature or landscape of the park

  • Disobedience of the above will result in penalisation

  • Activities Requiring Authorisation from the Cabildo de Fuerteventura

  • Camping in la Carpinteria

  • Collecting geological or biological material, conducting educational or investigational projects.

  • Professional filming or photography

  • Access to the peak of la Caldera

Above all please remember that the natural beauty of the island is owed in part to its tranquillity and peacefulness.
Please don't spoil it.

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