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Google Earth Fuerteventura Tour & Google Maps

Caleta viewed in Google Earth

Google Earth Fuerteventura Tour & Google Maps

Google Earth Fuerteventura Tour

Screenshots of the Fuerteventura Tour

American Star Shipwreck

American Star Shipwreck

Gary's Volcano Walk

Gary's Volcano Walk

Caleta De Fuste Beach

Gary's Volcano Walk

For those of you not yet aware, Google have produced another great free programme - Google Earth.

With Google earth installed on your computer you can spin the earth and zoom in to street level anywhere in the world. The navigation is simple to use and the whole kaboodle is being updated constantly. At the moment for example the zoomed in 'tile for Corralejo is very rough but it's just a matter of time until almost everywhere is updated in high resoloution.

To make the most of it the Fuerteventura.com team have produced a kmz file which includes most of the major towns and beaches but is being updated to include hotels, apartments, shops, businesses and places of interest.

Here's how to make it all happen:

Once you have it installed be sure to save it in your 'My Places' folder. We will continue to update and add more placemarks and you won't even have to download the link again.


Google Maps

For those without Google Earth we have included a Google Map of Puerto Del Rosario below. This map, while not as easy to use or as versatile as Google Earth uses the same images and should give you an idea of what the Google Earth is all about.

The map below can serve as a starting point for anywhere in Fuerteventura or indeed, the world.

Use the controls to zoom in or out.

Leftclick, hold and drag to move the image.

Doubleclicking on any point will centre the image on that point.

This is the Latitude and Longitude of your current position as you move around in the map below: