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Fuerteventura Carnival

Fuerteventura Carnival

If there's one thing that the people of Fuerteventura excel at then it's partying and Carnival epitomises that spirit.

Almost every sizeable village, town and city in Fuerteventura hosts its own Carnival between the months of January and April with a selection of cultural, sporting and musical events, culminating in a procession of floats where every kind of wheeled vehicle is transformed into a fantastical creation accompanied by scantily clad dancers gyrating to the beat of the drums.

The more sedate events usually occur during the week in the early evening but it is at the weekend that the real party spirit is let loose with a huge open air party of live music and dancing till dawn - literally.

The party doesn't really get going till about midnight so if you want to make the most of it then be sure to have a siesta in the afternoon to charge your batteries.

A fair proportion of partygoers will be in fancy dress at the weekends - the more outrageous the better - although dressing up is by no means compulsory.

If you have kids then the funfair will be the main attraction but take note that the rides don't usually start till about 7pm.

Although Fuerteventura is often described as the 'tranquil' island, during Carnival it just ain't so and depending how close your bed is to the fiesta you may lose some sleep. The best policy is to join in the fun at night and sleep during the day while remembering that Carnival is an important part of the local heritage - even Franco failed to abolish it.

The hundreds of photos below have been collected from Fuerteventura Carnivals over 7 years - some clever - some mad - some stupid - some sexy - some indescribable - enjoy!

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