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There are a few companies that offer in addition to the Sky & Setanta channels, the Five main Uk Terrestrial Channels via microwave receivers.

Worth noting is the spanish satellite provider Digital + which gives the option of choosing your language for most of the programmes. It also gives access to the international news channels - CNN, CNBC, Euronews, Bloomberg, Fox news & Sky News.

Their broadcasts of Eurosport, The History Channel and the Discovery Channel are not broadcast in english.

Their Paramount Comedy Channel has a small amount of programmes available in english.

Check out the classifieds at the foot of this page for companies and their services.

We've collated below the UK TV Listings for the major terrestrial channels - (at present due to a certain intransigence from ITV we are unable to show their TV schedule).

UK TV Listings

bbc 1 bbc 2 channel 4

0600 : Breakfast
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Also in HD. [S] Including regional news at 25 and 55 minutes past each hour.

0915 : Fake Britain
5/10. Dominic Littlewood investigates the con men trying to get their hands on people's money. Featuring the fake slimming machine that goes up in flames. Also in HD. [S]

1000 : Homes Under the Hammer
Property renovation series. Properties in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Swinton near Manchester and Manor Park in London go under the hammer. Also in HD. [S]

1100 : Dom on the Spot
5/15. Dom Littlewood presents a series following people whose job it is to hand out fines. Dom meets traffic cops Shelley and Olly as they pull over a driver not wearing a seatbelt. Also in HD. [S]

1145 : Thief Trackers
5/10. Reality series following stolen possessions. The undercover thief tracker team uses GPS technology to follow people stealing from outside charity shops. Also in HD. [S]

1215 : Bargain Hunt
4/32. Anglesey: Eric Knowles and the team are in Anglesey, where the reds and blues battle it out around the antiques fair with experts Thomas Plant and Caroline Hawley. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1300 : BBC News at One
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather. Also in HD. [S]

1330 : BBC London News
The latest news, sport and weather from London. [S]

1345 : Doctors
Zara licks her wounds after failing to rise to Daniel's challenge, and Heston welcomes the chance to perform minor surgery on a patient. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1415 : The Boss
10/25. Susan Calman hosts the quiz show where being in control is everything. Who will emerge as the boss and walk away with the cash? Also in HD. [S]

1500 : Escape to the Country
Jules Hudson heads to West Sussex to help a couple on a budget of ?700,000 find their first shared home together. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1545 : Garden Rescue
25/25. Ilkley: Garden renovation series. Charlie and the Rich brothers are asked to tackle a front garden in Ilkley, with designs inspired by a love of cottage gardens. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1630 : Celebrity Money for Nothing
15/15. Celebrity junk makeover show. Sarah Moore and Jay Blades have a good look around the homes of property experts Martel Maxwell and Martin Roberts. Also in HD. [S]

1715 : Pointless
50/55. Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Also in HD. [S]

1800 : BBC News at Six
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather. Also in HD. [S]

1830 : BBC London News
The latest news, sport and weather from London. [S]

1900 : The One Show
If it's got Britain talking then it will get talked about on The One Show. Presented by Alex Jones. Also in HD. [S]

1930 : A Question of Sport
Sue Barker hosts the lighthearted sports quiz. Joining captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell are Greg Rutherford, Michael Vaughan, Morgan Lake and Anthony Crolla. Also in HD. [S] Then BBC News.

2000 : EastEnders
It is an emotional day in the square as the residents prepare to say a final goodbye to one of their own. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2030 : Celebrity MasterChef
12/12. Just two challenges stand between the celebrities and the title. They must cook for some of the country's top chefs before impressing John and Gregg one last time. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2200 : BBC News at Ten
The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide. Also in HD. [S]

2225 : BBC London News
The latest news, sport and weather from London. [S] Followed by weather and a National Lottery update.

2235 : Would I Lie to You?
5/9. Rob Brydon hosts the comedy panel show. Joining team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack are Kevin Bishop, Brian Blessed, Josh Widdicombe and Professor Kate Williams. Also in HD. [S]

2305 : Room 101
8/9. Guests are actress Katherine Parkinson, comedian Russell Howard and chef John Torode. Also in HD. [S]

2335 : The NFL Show
Mark Chapman presents all the latest talking points from the NFL. Also in HD. [S]

0005 : A Few Best Men
Comedy. A British groom travels to the Australian outback to marry the woman of his dreams, but things soon spiral wildly out of control. Contains very strong language. Also in HD. [2012] [AD,S]

0140 : Weather for the Week Ahead
Detailed weather forecast. Also in HD. [S]

0145 : BBC News
BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news, with bulletins on the hour and the headlines every 15 minutes. Also in HD. [S]

0600 : Breakfast
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Also in HD. [S]

0600 : Flog It! Trade Secrets
Famous Connections - Part 2: Antiques series. The team looks into the difference famous connections make to an item's value and Paul Martin learns more about author Arthur Ransome. Also in HD. [S]

0630 : Fake Britain
4/10. Dominic Littlewood investigates the con men trying to get their hands on people's money. Featuring the fake toys that could leave children with battery burns. Also in HD. [S]

0715 : Garden Rescue
24/25. Nottingham: Garden renovation series. Charlie and the Rich brothers are tasked with creating an entertaining space in a garden which has not been touched for 18 years. Also in HD. [AD,S]

0800 : Gardeners' World
Monty Don shows us how to harvest and store potatoes, and he also adds late summer colour to the cottage garden and prunes shrub roses. [S,SL]

0900 : Victoria Derbyshire
The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. Also in HD. [S]

1100 : BBC Newsroom Live
Stay up to date on the day's top stories with the latest breaking news as it happens. Also in HD. [S]

1200 : Daily Politics
Sarah Smith with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Also in HD. [S]

1300 : For What It's Worth
11/25. Antiques quiz show hosted by Fern Britton. Antiques expert Charlie Ross assists Fern as the three teams compete for the prize. Also in HD. [S]

1345 : ?100k House: Tricks of the Trade
4/6. Kieran Long and Piers Taylor help homeowners as they take on ambitious building projects. A dark bungalow and a 'DIY war zone' need expert help to be revamped on small budgets. Also in HD. [S]

1445 : Who Do You Think You Are?
3/10. Derek Jacobi: Celebrity genealogy series. Actor Derek Jacobi grew up in Walthamstow, but a clue in his mother's family tree hints at a more colourful past in France. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1545 : Great British Railway Journeys
15/20. Bridgwater to Dartmoor: Michael Portillo stands trial at the Bloody Assizes in Taunton. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1615 : Earthflight
1/6. North America: This episode takes flight across North America, as snow geese fall prey to bald eagles. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1715 : Flog It!
Antiques series. At the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Anita Manning and Michael Baggott value some extraordinary antiques including a pot of gold. Also in HD. [S]

1800 : Richard Osman's House of Games
15/15. It is Double Points Friday! Who will take home the coveted House of Games trophy? Also in HD. [S]

1830 : Eggheads
Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. Also in HD. [S]

1900 : This Farming Life
An insight into modern farming. Weaning time at the buffalo farm gives Stevie and his neighbours a sleepless night and a milk fever epidemic puts David and Sandra's cows in peril. Also in HD. [S]

2000 : Mastermind
John Humphrys presents another heat of the classic quiz. Specialist subjects in this episode are Gilbert and Sullivan, the Tour de France, Thomas Becket and Coronation Street. Also in HD. [S]

2030 : Only Connect
Victoria Coren Mitchell presents the quiz show about making connections. A team of former strangers who met on a quiz app take on three public school teachers. Also in HD. [S]

2100 : Gardeners' World
Monty Don celebrates the season's apple bounty and plants bulbs to brighten winter days. Also in HD. [S] Including Weather.

2200 : Mock the Week
9/13. Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis look back over the week's events with the help of guests James Acaster, Ed Byrne, Gary Delaney, Ivo Graham and Zoe Lyons. Also in HD. [S]

2230 : Newsnight
In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis. Also in HD. [S] Followed by weather.

2305 : The A-Z of Later... with Jools...
From Adele to ZZ Top. A rollercoaster ride through the archives in an alphabetical kinda way. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [S]

0035 : Africa's Billion Pound Migrant...
...Trail - Panorama. Benjamin Zand investigates the African migrant trade and reveals the extraordinary scale of people-smuggling across sub-Saharan Africa. [S,SL]

0105 : Germany's New Nazis - Panorama
Panorama has spent six months in Freital, a small town in Germany, to explore increased levels of far-right extremism in the country. [S,SL]

0150 : Whitney: Can I Be Me
Whitney Houston's incredible and poignant story, with insights from those closest to her. Contains very strong language. [AD,S,SL]

0330 : This Is BBC Two
Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]

0600 : Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Steve Backshall is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

0645 : The King of Queens
After a night out with some of the lawyers from work, Carrie decides to go back to college.

0710 : The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie agree to not buy a new car because Doug's union may be going on strike. But impulsive Doug can't resist a new off-roader.

0735 : The King of Queens
With his union on strike, Doug takes work as a substitute teacher at the school where his sister Stephanie (Ricki Lake) works. But the job's not as easy as he thinks...

0800 : Everybody Loves Raymond
When Debra accuses Ray of still not being able to pick up on her 'not in the mood' signals, they fondly recall the first night they spent together.

0830 : Everybody Loves Raymond
Depressed that Marie and Debra can't seem to resolve their differences, Robert decides to join a support group that the family believes is a cult.

0900 : Frasier
An unlikely chain of events forces Martin to pretend that he is gay on Valentine's Day.

0935 : Frasier
Frasier's temporary call screener, 'Dr' Mary (Kim Coles), hijacks his show with her sassy attitude and no-nonsense advice.

1005 : Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay tackles Giuseppi's, a family-owned Italian restaurant in Macomb Township, Michigan, where the father and son are constantly clashing.

1100 : Coast vs Country
Andrew and Lesley would like a home in Somerset, but Andrew wants a plot of land while Lesley would be happy on the coast. Sara and Kerr compete to find a home they both love for ?600k.

1200 : Channel 4 News Summary
Includes sport and weather.

1205 : Couples Come Dine with Me
In Manchester, Gillian and her husband Steve kick things off with a simple menu, which fails to please vegetarians Holly and Richard. And expectations are high for foodies Jen and Alex.

1305 : French Collection
Victoria finds a sofa to spruce up, David creates clocks from old keys, and Louise looks for anything to suit her Barbara Cartland style.

1410 : Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Steve Backshall is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

1500 : Cheap Cheap Cheap
The doors open for the last time in this series. Noel makes the most of dress-down Friday, and when Barry is short staffed, the temp agency send Lionel Blair along to lend a hand.

1600 : A Place in the Sun
Derek and Julie Kalinski want to buy a holiday home where they can enjoy their retirement. But Julia wants to be on the north Devon coast, while Derek dreams of owning a home in Brittany.

1700 : Come Dine with Me
In and around Leicester, Kwesi, Heidi, Fran and Tim compete for the prize. There are shocking revelations in all things taxidermy and one of the strangest acts of spontaneity you will see!

1800 : The Simpsons
Homer becomes obsessed with a 1980s family sitcom and models his parenting skills on the show's sensible father, refusing to let Bart have a new dirt bike.

1830 : Hollyoaks
Neeta and Hunter are paired together for an art project, but they're in danger of being caught when they get too close for comfort.

1900 : Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.

2000 : The Crystal Maze
Maze Master Richard Ayoade guides the Cheerleaders, five disproportionately excitable young ladies who hope enthusiasm will help them in their quest through the Maze. (Ep5)

2100 : Gogglebox
Britain's favourite opinionated TV viewers share their sharp, insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the week's biggest and best shows. (S10 Ep3)

2200 : 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Jimmy Carr hosts a new edition of the panel show as Jason Manford and Joe Wilkinson take on Lee Mack and Fay Ripley. Alex Horne and Horne Section are in Dictionary Corner. (S14 Ep5)

2305 : First Dates
First Dates is back. Political activist Lettie knows a lot about politics but is clueless on love. Her date is Cambridge graduate Fred. And octogenarian Doreen meets author James. (S9 Ep1)

0010 : Back
When Andrew's (Robert Webb) improvements to the pub bring amazing TripAdvisor reviews, Stephen (David Mitchell) worries that they're flying too close to the sun. (Ep3/6)

0040 : The Great British Bake Off: An...
...Extra Slice: Jo Brand chats with celebrity Bake Off fans and shines a light on the best, worst and the must-try-harder moments from the latest episode. With exclusive footage. (Ep4/10)

0120 : The Three Stooges
Comedy recreating classic anarchic slapstick from the 1940s and 50s. Three brothers try to save the orphanage that raised them. Do not try to copy these dangerous routines at home!

0300 : Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker
Bold new sci-fi anthology series of stand-alone episodes, inspired by Philip K Dick stories. In a strangely archaic future, can war between Normals and telepathic Teeps be stopped? (Ep1) [SL]

0400 : Grand Designs Australia
A couple construct a new home in beachside Maianbar, south of Sydney, utilising over 130 panels of cross-laminated timber and sticking to a very strict timetable. (S7 Ep2)

0455 : Building the Dream
Mark and Abigail want a barn-style home in Warwickshire. By choosing to self-build they could save around ?130,000. Charlie Luxton has some ideas on how to adapt their plans. (S1 Ep10/11)

0550 : Kirstie's Handmade Treasures
Kirstie Allsopp wants to surprise some guests with two delicious mains: roast beef with mulled wine gravy, and one for the vegetarians: masala cauliflower with coconut stuffing.

0600 : Triathlon: Ironman Wales
This Ironman World Champs qualifier tests competitors to the max with a 2.4 mile sea swim, a big climbing 112 miles bike through beautifully brutal Pembrokeshire before the marathon finish.

0600 : Puffin Rock
Preschool animation. May the rabbit agrees to look after Baba while Oona goes fishing. However, her plans are derailed when Baba finds a hibernating hedgehog. (S2 Ep 7)

0605 : Poppy Cat
Animation. The gang take the rocket to the moon so that Zuzu's wolf friend Timothy can learn to howl for his Scout badge. (S2 Ep 26)

0620 : Simon
Animation. When Simon finds a hermit crab in a pretty shell on the beach, he must find a way to stop a little boy named Leon from taking it home for his collection. (S1 Ep 46)

0625 : Bob the Builder
Animation. Unaware that the film set Bob is building is designed to fall down as part of a stunt, safety-conscious Leo spots what he thinks is a problem and fixes it. (S2 Ep 48)

0635 : Fireman Sam
Animation. Mandy's bid to be a round-the-world yachtsman comes adrift on her maiden voyage when her mast breaks. (S8 Ep 6)

0650 : Thomas and Friends
Animation. Millie is very cross with Stephen and Glynn for not helping her when she is given extra work. The next day Stephen cannot find her. Has she run away? (S21 Ep 6)

0700 : Milkshake Bopping About
Live action series featuring music and dance. Olivia, Derek and the Milkshakers explore the actions of splashing and skiing. (S1 Ep 9)

0705 : Nella the Princess Knight
Children's animation. Clod loses his invitation to a fabulous breakfast buffet, so he rounds up his friends and they go on a quest to find it! (Ep 3)

0720 : Noddy Toyland Detective
CGI-animation. A new crop has Farmer Tom scratching his head. Could a special request for pink paint be behind his colourful lettuces? (S1 Ep 31)

0735 : Paw Patrol
Animation. When the aliens' spaceship suddenly starts firing anti-gravity rays at random, the pups must repair it and get everyone back to earth! (S3 Ep 41)

0750 : Rusty Rivets
Animated series about a resourceful ten-year-old engineer. Rusty and his friends must get some penguins to the nature park on the hottest day of the year. (S1 Ep 5)

0805 : Digby Dragon
CGI kids' show about a budding dragon in training. After Spellbrook and Fizzy argue about being a good fairy, Spellbrook makes the mistake of taking Chops on. (S1 Ep 32)

0815 : Floogals
Animation about three tiny aliens on planet Earth. After mistaking a hamster cage for a newly arrived spaceship, Fleeker tries to befriend its furry alien pilot. (S1 Ep 4)

0835 : Peppa Pig
Animation. Mummy Pig is determined that George's new hat doesn't get muddy when Peppa and George visit Grandpa and Granny Pig. (S5 Ep 24)

0845 : Peppa Pig
Popular animation. The Pig family are going on holiday. Peppa and George pack their favourite toys and Granny and Grandpa are left to look after Goldie the Fish. (S4 Ep 36)

0855 : Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Impish animation. Holly, Ben, Nanny and the King have to look after naughty twins Daisy and Poppy for the day. (S1 Ep 34)

0905 : Mofy
Animation. Mofy is looking for a flower to wear for Kerry's concert, when she hears someone crying. It's Robin, who has hurt his wing on a thorn and cannot fly. (S1 Ep 40)

0915 : The Wright Stuff
Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show.

1115 : Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
Stories of people on the sharp end of bad debt. This episode features an eviction in a brothel, a lockdown in a takeaway and a tricky tenant who has cost a landlord a fortune. (S3 Ep 6)

1210 : 5 News At Lunchtime
National and international news.

1215 : The Hotel Inspector
Alex Polizzi transforms the fortunes of UK hotels. Alex tries to rein in a hotelier in Kent whose idiosyncratic tastes are miles away from the hotel's countryside setting. (S8 Ep 6)

1310 : Access
A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.

1315 : Home and Away
Ben objects to Ziggy's relationship with Brody. Hunter rejects Wally's offer of money. John and Marilyn discover that Raffy is academically extremely gifted. Zannis kidnaps Ziggy.

1345 : Neighbours
Elly and Paige conclude that their friendship is over. Ben joins Shane's line-up for the community concert. Steph gets some bad news and tries to involve Leo in her business plan.

1415 : The Mentalist
Two years after the Red John case, Jane has absconded to a paradise island. However the FBI are on his tail - but their plan does not involve arresting him. (S6 Ep 9)

1515 : Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt
Crime drama starring Tom Selleck and Kohl Sudduth. When a murder rocks a quiet town, Jesse Stone is forced back into action at the request of the town council. (2012)

1700 : 5 News At 5
National and international news.

1730 : Neighbours
Elly and Paige conclude that their friendship is over. Ben joins Shane's line-up for the community concert. Steph gets some bad news and tries to involve Leo in her business plan.

1800 : Home and Away
Ben objects to Ziggy's relationship with Brody. Hunter rejects Wally's offer of money. John and Marilyn discover that Raffy is academically extremely gifted. Zannis kidnaps Ziggy.

1830 : 5 News Tonight
National and international news.

1900 : Secrets of the National Trust
Alan Titchmarsh is at Attingham Hall in Shropshire, Jon Culshaw visits Disraeli's former home, Lisa Holloway watches a tapestry restoration in Norfolk. (S1 Ep 3)

2000 : New: Celebrity 5 Go Motorhoming
Travelogue series. The famous five reach the Isle of Skye, where Melvyn and Nick share a cup of tea and a song, while Lesley, Cleo and Don go sight-seeing. (S1 Ep 4)

2100 : New: Cruising With Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald takes a trip around Cuba where she falls for the people, the buildings, and the 50s cars. She also discovers no-one parties like Cubans party! (S2 Ep 4)

2200 : Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror
Biopic charting The King of Pop's meteoric rise to global pop domination, and his subsequent fall from grace.

0000 : SuperCasino
Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit

0310 : Gotham
Action-packed drama series based on DC Comics characters. Selina leads a new friend on a perilous journey through the city. Gordon is reassigned to Arkham Asylum. (S1 Ep 10)

0400 : Gotham
Action drama series. Stripped of his badge, Jim is demoted to warden at the Arkham Asylum where a highly-charged inmate is conducting some shocking experiments. (S1 Ep 11)

0445 : House Doctor
Home improvement series in which Californian interior designer Ann Maurice helps home owners sell their property. A house is deemed to be too masculine for the market. [SL] (S2 Ep 2)

0510 : Great Artists
Tim Marlow looks at the work of some of the Western world's most famous artists. A look at the Spanish master Diego de Silva y Velazquez. [SL] (S1 Ep 10)

0535 : Wildlife SOS
Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S1 Ep 5)

0600 : Poppy Cat
Animation. Gilda's nest has gone missing in Spinner's Grove. Owl has a sprained wing and can't fly, but finds a clever way to lift Zuzu into the tree tops to find it. (S2 Ep 27)



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