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Tefia Map, Info and Streetfinder - Fuerteventura

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Although there isn't much to say about the village itself Tefia (to the south of La Oliva) is the home the the new 'Eco museum' called La Alcogida. This fascinating place is based upon an old Canarian village and gives an insight into how life must have been before the arrival of tourism on Fuerteventura.

There are eight small houses including a main farm house. And inside are examples of old ovens, milling wheels and live demonstrations of lace making, basket weaving, pottery, cheese making, carpentry and a blacksmith.

The 'village' even grows its own Canarian crops.

As you enter the site you'll be handed a remote control unit andupon reaching a post with a specific number on, click the corresponding number on your remote and listen to commentary in your own language.

If you fancy delving into the history of Fuerteventura head for Tefia.




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