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Fuerteventura Shopping

Shopping on Fuerteventura

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Whether you're looking for trendy surf wear to look the part on the beach, or the latest in gadgetery, there's plenty of shops on Fuerteventura to suit everyone's taste.

On this page we take a look at the best places to 'shop till you drop' on Fuerteventura.
You can also browse through some of the ads listed below to see which shops to shop in!

Top Tip: Take your passport (or other form of ID) if you're paying with credit card!

Corralejo Shopping

Plenty to offer here all along the main street from clothes shops to perfumes, jewellery, electrical goods.

There is also a beautiful Canarian style shopping centre called El Campanario (pictured right) which is gradually taking on more and more shops. Even if you're not too keen on shopping it's well worth a visit to sit a chill in the plaza or go to the top of the bell tower and take in the sights of Corralejo

Just don't go up to the top of the tower on the hour unless you have ear plugs!

The majority of Corralejo shops are open from 10am till 10pm with the exception of a few local shops such as hardware stores, chemists, etc.

Caleta de Fuste Shopping

The main resort of Caleta de Fuste has a quite a few commercial centres (pictured right) with electrical retailers, clothes shops, jewelers and perfume shops and more..

The Atlantico centre (pictured right) is the largest shopping centre just on the outskirts of Caleta de Fuste.
There's lots of shops here selling clothes, shoes, toys, games, gadgets and more, there's also a multi screen cinema (which occasionaly shows movies in English), an amusement arcade and ten pin bowling.

If you fancy some refreshments there's a Burger King and Mc Donalds nearby, as well as regular cafés and restaurants with the centre itself.

Shops in Caleta de Fuste are open all day until 10pm, however some local shops do close for siesta time.

Puerto del Rosario Shopping

Shopping on Fuerteventura has changed quite a lot since the opening of the largest shopping centre in the Canary Islands, Las Rotondas (below right) in 2006.
Las Rotondas has a commercial surface of 30.000 m2 packed with well known Spanish and English high street names such as Zara, Pull and Bear, H&M, C&A, Bershka, Womens Secret, Game, Jack & Jones, Quicksilver and more..
Las Rotondas is located in Puerto del Rosario, and situated between two roundabouts and the streets of Profesor Juan Tadeo Cabrera, Francisco Pi y Arsuaga, Duero and the main road to the airport.

Support the locals too!

While you're there don't forget to take a look at all of the locally owned shops on the main street in Puerto del Rosario!

Las Rotondas is open all day until 10pm, many of the local shops in the centre of Puerto del Rosario close for siesta.

Morro Jable shoppping

The main street in Morro Jable is the place where most tourists head for their daily dose of shopping, the old part being the place the locals shop so you'll find this a bit busier.

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