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Fuerteventura Flights

Fuerteventura Flights

Remember that most UK flights to Fuerteventura leave and return on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

For Ireland try Sundays.

You can use the
Calendar link on the right in the Tools section to see when's when.

According to our latests tests, the most efficient online flight search engine that gives the largest range of results and choice of different airline companies - - is Expedia.

Click the link and then fill in the dates and airports eg. Gatwick and Fuerteventura and take it from there.

From Gatwick and Manchester Excel Airways are a good choice.

You can also book hotels and car hire through Expedia but we think you'll find you usually get better deals from our Hotels link and the Fuerteventura Car Hire Info site.

Alternatively you could try our Package Holidays section where you can book your holiday and/or flight.

Whatever you do, it's good policy to check around and compare. Please do let us know how you get on.