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Costa Calma, Info and Streetfinder - Fuerteventura

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Costa Calma


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It wasn't until 1984 that Costa Calma had its first major tourist boom, despite its incredible white beaches.

Costa Calma (the calm coast) lies about 80km south of the airport (see map) on the edge of the national park area of Jandia.

The very first hotel was built in 1977, but it wasn't until the road from the capital Puerto del Rosario to Morro Jable was completed and Costa Calma was properly connected to the electricity network did tourism really start to take off.

Today of course, the resort is fully up and running with plenty of bars and restaurants and hotels (over 8000 beds). Costa Calma is largely tailored towards German-speaking visitors although there are a few English companies that deal with this area.

The main road into the resort is surrounded by palm trees and Canary pines - quite a rare sight on Fuerteventura. If you've driven all the way from the north (about 2hr drive) then this is a nice stop off point.

The highlight of Costa Calma has to be the long sandy beach of Playa Barca to the southwest. It's always easy to find a quiet, sheltered spot here even during peak season. Windsurfers are particularly fond of this beach because of the strong off shore winds during the summer months.

During the 1990's a new building phase began in order to accommodate as many guests as possible using as little area as possible while trying to retain the natural beauty of the surrounding area. With more tourists on their way there are plans for more shopping centres and a marina.

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Costa Calma




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