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Contacting Us

We do try and cater for everyone and everything to do with Fuerteventura. In order to do that effectively we have different departments.

Your enquiry will be dealt with more quickly if you address it to the right department.

Please understand that the team do try to respond to all serious enquiries. We do this in our own free time as a free service but we have found in the past that many questions could have been answered simply by looking more thoroughly at the website. Before asking us please check through the relevant sections or use the 'search this site' function at the top right of this page.

Use the quick link section in the blue box on the left to choose your department.

General Enquiries

General email -
Use this link if none of the others apply
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Advertising Prices and information

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Contributor email -
Use this link if you have photos or articles you would like to contribute to the site.
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Bug Reports

Bug Report email -
We welcome Bug Reports whether it be spelling mistakes, incorrect information or accessibility problems.

If you're having trouble using or viewing the site and you know the following information, please include :

  • Screen size
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser type
  • Browser version
  • Operating System.

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Site Reviews

Site reviews email -
Please use this link when submitting comments about the site. We welcome good and bad reviews plus your suggestions. Thank you.

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Website Design

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