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The Blue Rock


The Blue Rock is Corralejo's oldest bar and for the last two decades it has been the prime music bar of the island.

You won't hear the latest hits here and for sure you won't hear Techno or House but you will hear thousands of hours of carefully selected quality blues, rock, ethnic and celtic music.

If there are stray Rock Stars on the island this is where they end up.

It's one of the few bars in town where you can sit outside at night enjoying the warm air while watching the world walk past.

Inside it's pretty small but has a homely feel to it - that is if your home reminds you of an early 70's student bedsit - complete with candlelight, blacklights, fairylights that pulse to the music and fluourescent pictures of the legends of rock.

Its intimacy lends itself to chatting with your fellows - it's kinda hard not to!

The Blue Rock can be found at the northern end of town at the end of the pedestrian cobblestoned street next to the Carnival Plaza and near to the church.

It's just one block in from the coast. If you head for the harbour along the sea shore turn left when you get to El Sombrero - You should see this sign.

For our exact location check out the Corralejo Map on this site - we're listed under 'Featured Businesses' or click here to have our exact location pinpointed on the Map.

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