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Vega De Rio Palma

Vega De Rio Palma

This valley and its village of the same name is one of the most beautiful areas on the island.

The impressive church (Nuestra Señora de la Peña) which was built in 1666 is surrounded by greenery and the white and clay coloured buildings sit on the edged of the stream with little terraced fields in between.

Up until the 16th century there was a mountain stream that flowed through the village. It was along this stream that Jean de Bethencourt and his army marched upstream in the 15th century.
Nowadays the area is totally dried up and only during the winter months when there is the odd downpour does the stream fill the reservoir.

Just beyond the dam is the tiny white chapel (Ermita de Virgin de la Peña). At the altar hangs a painting showing the discovery a statue of the saint which now stands at the main church. This statue was brought to the village by Jean de Bethencourt. Sortly afterwards the church was totally destroyed by 'Jaban' the pirate in 1593 but the statue was hidden so well that it was only rediscovered in the 17th century.

Vega de Rio Palma makes an ideal stop off point as you travel around the island.