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Tindaya Beach
The beach on the Corralejo side of the two big RIU hotels

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Tindaya Beach ?

An inspiring picture - somehow feels familiar to us at Fuerteventura.com....

Tindaya is inland so it doesn't really have any beaches.

However it is the closest town/village to some of the beaches on the west coast so 'Tindaya Beaches' gives you an idea of where they are.

It should be said that the only access to these beaches are via very rough tracks. So if you've hired a car bear in mind that most of the hire companies' insurance agreements won't cover you for off road travel - even for 4WDs !

There are beaches all round the coast of Fuerteventura but the one pictured above is called Playa de la Mujer and is the easiest to identify as it's at the end of the main track from Tefia. At the southern end of the beach there is a cliff 'face' which from some angles looks like the face of a woman (mujer) (see the pictures on the right.).

In summer this beach is dominated by camper vans but off-season it's a nice large beach off the beaten track (well... at the end of it). Like all the beaches you'd be wise to take good note of the sea conditions and keep a wary eye on your kids when they're in the sea.

In spite of its remoteness there are skips for your rubbish. Please etc.