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Motorbike Hire
Motorbike Hire - Fuerteventura

Sun, sand and sea not for you? Then how about some grit, volcanic trails, and pure on and off-road adventure?
This has got to be one of the best ways to discover the real Fuerteventura. If you hold a full bike licence this is surely for you!
Now you can conquer the island on 2-wheels with guaranteed good weather and discover the vastness of this island on an off-road motorbike.
Most companies carry all the neccesary insurances such as Responsibilidad Civil and of course all the neccesary insurances for the quads and motorbikes etc.

To operate our off road motorbikes all users MUST hold a full motorbike licence without exception.
To rent a moped or scooter you need to have either a full bike license or have had a car license for a minimum of 3 years.
If, as often happens a person has left their license at home you are sometimes able to send a faxed copy of it for 10€ *
For the quad bike tours etc all users must have at least a provisional license, once again, without exception.

*(Fax service offered only by Backtrax 'Off Road' Motorcycle Tours at present).