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Gran Tarajal

Gran Tarajal

This is one of the biggest towns on the island and owes its sucess to the fact that all of the islands tomatoes were once shipped from here. They are now mainly shipped from the main port in Puerto del Rosario.

From the harbour it's possible to view all of the streets and small alleys that are built into the hillside.

Gran Tarajal is a very relaxing place, and it's a joy to wind down watching the local fishermen at work and to stroll along the beach promenade.

This town isn't trying to be anything special, and this makes it far more authentic than most of the other coastal towns on the island.

Gran Tarajal is one of the most important non-touristic areas and it has all the services of any of the major towns such as a police station, post office, shops, schools, a local council office etc.

There are also many concerts, competitions and fairs etc held here.

One highlight of the town centre is the beautiful fountain with six sea horses spouting water.This is situated right in middle of a shady oasis of tall palm trees just beside the church that was built in the 20th century.

The construction of this church was financed by an emigrant returning from Cuba, who also introduced metal wind-wheels to the island.