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Furnishing in Fuerteventura has never been so easy.



Design emporium was set up in south Tenerife in 1999 by Ruth Clair a British interior designer from west Yorkshire north England.

With many years experience in both commercial and private interior design in England and in Tenerife you can now benefit from 19 years of experience and take advantage of this new service of home packages offered to you.

Be assured that here at design emporium furnishings will understand your requirements, small or large.

Below we show you the service we supply. Click the blue 'our service' link on the left.

So why use our service?

Firstly we speak Spanish and English so there will be no confusion in ordering your goods.
Listed below are a few valued reasons why some of our clients did not want to go down that stressful road of trying to go it alone.

  • Not enough time in your holiday to source furniture. Which leads to heated arguments (take our word for it)
  • Can not make understood our needs
  • Don’t want to drive abroad
  • Wasted time running around; after all it’s our holiday
  • What happens when something goes wrong? You would need to employ someone who speaks Spanish
  • We don’t live there and have no idea what is going on.

The list goes on!

Pack System

Our pack system is simple and easy to use and has evolved with experience gathered through 15 years of living on an island, so let us take the stress out of furnishing your new home, wether it be for private use or letting, remember we attend to all your requirements under one roof.

All we need from you are a few details about your property, choose your style, give us your estimated date of occupancy and we will worry about the rest!
Simply fill out our online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

As you will see from our information pack everything has been thought of, and don’t forget our service includes all delivery and fitting right down to the last light bulb,

Send your details now so as we can help you to start enjoying your new property.


Depending on your personal style and tastes we can help you create a sense of spaciousness or coziness you want from your new lounge.

At Design Emporium we listen, understand and ultimately create the room that exceeds your expectations.
Simply contact us on
any of the links on the left to discuss your future design.

Browse thorough some of our superb lounge ideas on display here.

Because good interior decorating matters so much, we try to make the whole experience as hassle free as possible, and give your home the luxurious makeover you've always wanted.

We'll help you choose the products that will create a room that expresses your unique decorating style and taste the quick and foolproof way.

Call us today and start planning your new lounge now!


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.

On the right there's just a small taste of our fantastic bedroom designs.

Phone (Mobile: 661 950 530) or Email us and let us help you create the bedroom of your dreams!

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