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Corralejo Beaches
The beach on the Corralejo side of the two big RIU hotels

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Corralejo Beaches

The white sandy beaches of Corralejo stretch far and wide along the east coast. Most of these beaches have sun bed and umbrella rental.

Flag beach, by the two main hotels is one of the best places to try water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

For the more experienced try 'Glass beach'. Or if you don't fancy anything too strenuous 'Drop beach' is a bit further along the main road.

With crystal clear waters and miles of sandy beaches, its hardly surprising that some of these dunes are used for fashion photo shoots and TV advertisements.

Town Beach

Even within the town boundaries Fuerteventura's Corralejo has many beaches. The "Town" beach is ideal for families as it's clean, safe, sheltered and surrounded by restaurants (hence toilets) and bins.

The Big Hotels - Grandes Playas

A few Kilometers out of Corralejo there a couple of giant RIU hotels which dominate the best section of beach - a beach that stretches for 7km.

A taxi from Corralejo to the hotels costs around €5