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Car Hire

Booking through Fuerteventura Car Hire Info who are affiliated with Holiday Autos who are affiliated with just about every local Car Hire company you'll get your car cheaper than by booking direct.
A complicated life made simple.

Anyone who is over the age of 21 and has had a driving license for more than three years can rent a car upon presentation of a driving license and passport (although these rules are not strictly adhered to).

The national speed limit is 90km/h although you'll be undoubtedly overtaken by locals on a regular basis especially taxi drivers!

It usually works out that the longer you rent the car for the cheaper the price will be, but the insurance won't cover you off road or with some companies or if you travel over to Lanzarote.

Only the person who signs the car hire form is insured to drive so if you want more than one driver make sure you all sign the form. This doesn't usually cost any more and it could save you a heavy fine.

Around the towns you may notice a lot of drivers not wearing seat belts, the wearing of seat belts on the island is compulsory, but is often overlooked in the towns (we don't advise risking it).

Drinking and driving, as in the UK is strictly prohibited and the fines are heavy.
Should you wish to book a car before you leave home check out one of the car hire companies and follow the on screen instructions.

Compared with the UK, rental prices on Fuerteventura are pretty low.
If you really want to discover the heart of Fuerte then this is the only way.

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