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Airport to Caleta de Fuste Route Guide


Airport to Caleta de Fuste Route Guide

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Takes about 10 minutes

Familiarise yourself with the controls - check where the papers, (if the police stop you - they'll want to see your papers) driving licence, Passport, lights, horn, mirrors, indicators, petrolcap, reverse gear, wipers (you never know) and panic button are....
Is the steering wheel in front of the driver?

Happy ? Let's go.

we drive on the right

Follow the road's arrows out of the airport....

Go anti-clockwise round roundabouts

...until you come to the main airport roundabout

You're about to join the motorway

Follow the signs for
Caleta de Fuste
Morro Jable

Keep left and filter onto the motorway.
If you see this sign you're doing fine

Straight through at the El Mattoral Roundabout

Welcome to Antigua.
The county border

Remember that Caleta de Fuste may be on maps or signposted as
El Castillo
Caleta de Fuste

...or not at all

At last - a reassuring sign

That's a side road route to the turret - best keep going

Drive slowly within the town
40 kph max

Decision Time.

Check your map and figure out where you want to be.
Left is the coastal part. Right is inland.
If you don't know, turn left - you'll soon see the sign for the Informacion Touristica office.
If that's not open head for the harbour and ask someone.


Golf Course

If you're heading for the Golf Course go straight through the roundabout - and skip the next two panels - or click here to jump to it.

If you turned left you'll soon see this sign of Welcome.


To get to the harbour just follow the road.

If you see this you've done it.
Well done.
This is the end of the road - You're at the harbour.

Golf Course

A little bit more....about 5 minutes...

Having continued through the roundabout (3 pictures above) you will see this sign - keep going.

Turn right at this roundabout - A Giant golfer swinging in the middle of it should be a clue.

And here he is - having turned right here you'll have made it.

Happy Swinging


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