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Caleta Beach
The beach on the Corralejo side of the two big RIU hotels

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Caleta Beach

An inspiring picture - somehow feels familiar to us at Fuerteventura.com....

The horse shoe shaped beach of Caleta de Fuste is an ideal location for families with its easygoing, relaxed atmosphere and gently shelving beach (the sand for the beaches at Caleta de Fuste is imported). It is possible to feel the difference - the artificial beach does actually feel a little harder - less give - than natural beaches. (That just might be me though - ed.)

Watch out for the tide as it does tend to come in quite quickly and you could find yourself knee deep when you wake up from your afternoon beach siesta!

There's plenty on offer here too, such as diving, sailing, boat (and submarine) trips..

A new beach is being planned as an extension of the new Golf Club complex just on the edge of the town.