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American Star


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American Star at Playa de Garcey 2002
"I cannot imagine an event that would cause a ship to flounder. Modern ship building has gone beyond that"
E.J. Smith, Titanic Captain
American Star

Name Changes..

During its life the American Star has undergone many name changes. Here's a brief history..

Built in 1936 the ship was first known as SS America and was operated by United States Lines until 1964.
During that era she was also called USS Westpoint (it was at this time the ship made her movie debut in the film GI Blues starring Elvis Presley)

In 1964 she was taken over by 'Chandris Lines' and became known as the SS Australis

In 1978 'Venture Cruises' took over the ownership and changed her name back to SS America

After 2 years it was back to Chandris Lines and SS Italis was painted on the sides

During 1980-1993 the ship stood years of waste and neglect but still had two more name changes, SS Noga and SS Alferdoss

In 1994 she was finally named the SS American Star.


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