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Airport to Corralejo Route Guide


Airport to Corralejo Route Guide

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Takes about 45 minutes

Familiarise yourself with the controls - check where the papers, (if the police stop you - they'll want to see your papers) driving licence, Passport, lights, horn, mirrors, indicators, petrolcap, reverse gear, wipers (you never know) and panic button are....
Is the steering wheel in front of the driver?

Happy ? Let's go.

we drive on the right

Follow the road's arrows out of the airport....

Go anti-clockwise round roundabouts

...until you come to the main airport roundabout

You're about to join the motorway

Follow the signs for
Pto. del Rosario

You're only on the motorway a couple of minutes

Turn right and filter onto the motorway.

The final turn off sign doesn't say Corralejo.
Take it anyway.

Turn Right after the sign for
La Oliva

The ringroad circles inland bypassing Puerto del Rosario.

Follow the signs to
La Oliva
until ..........

.......you see (with relief) the sign for

This is the last petrol station until Corralejo

Go straight through the roundabout at the petrol station

You can relax for a while now - you'll stay on this road all the way to Corralejo.

Welcome to
La Oliva
(county border) -
(actually they've changed this now but you get the idea)

After the Parque Hollandaise roundabout (go straight through) you'll see Red Mountain on your left.
Hereon the scenery improves greatly

Every day cars get stuck in the sand at the side of the road.
Don't say nobody told you!

You'll now be in the sand dune area - a national reserve


The first group of buildings you'll see aren't Corralejo - they're the subburbs of the two big Riu hotels - Pass 'em by.


Bear left at the first turn - The work going on in the picture may well have been done by now.....

Then turn right at the first roundabout

..and second right at the next roundabout

Follow the yellow brick road


Stop, then turn right once more at the junction.

You should now be on the Highstreet - Avenida General Franco.

Welcome to Corralejo


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